Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Willshatnersrug back again

Hello i just had a few things that i thought i would share. the willshatnersrug website was refurbished somewhat.
here is a new episode of the Bull Hurley's Tape worm.
The Sonic Youth tape's b side was the a side played in reverse. The label's too on the b side of the tape are also reversed. I was unaware of soundcloud's minutes capacity. In future episodes i may only make them about 15 mins long.

Available too is a zine that i forgot all about. It is prety lame but maybe someone will enjoy it.

Inside there could be some fun ideas. Inside there is an interview with the delightful Sam Vanallemeersch
Burgess Meredith Baxter
thank you for your time. i'll try my best to have fun.

Friday, December 8, 2017


i made this simple mix from five random tapes i have in my collection. this is the first episode of bull hurley's tapeworm.
here is the link to an image of the tapes i used.
here are the five tapes i pulled from my collection.
Self Management Tapes Mimi Lupin Secret Place
George Jones salutes Hank Williams
Bengali Film Hits vol. 3
Black Rain motion picture soundtrack
Wizard of Loneliness Year of the Yeerk
here is the link to my soundcloud page so you can hear the mix for yourself.

thank you.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pin back

I made these simple pins. On some of the pins, like the diamond and the lego figure i simply poured resin in a mold. Then i applied some paint. For the other ones, like the big boss man, i made some printouts. Then i poured a bit of resin in the mold. The next day i placed the printout down on the piece, followed it up by pouring more resin. When it dried I used contact cement to glue the pin back in place. I got pin backs at Jo Anns.
I made this zine awhile back and forgot to post it.

Here is the link for you if you wish to view it. R.Kelly Kapowski Inside there is an interview with the interesting William Schaff Also some other fun junk.Thank you

Monday, May 8, 2017

Textile goods and other junk

I am interested in textiles. I like modifying or trying to create my own textiles to use in my various projects. At Jo anns in the clearence section they are marking down this tulip color shot. It is like spray paint made for fabric.
colorshot photo colorshot.jpg I have noticed that trying to paint on felt is tricky. sometimes the paint gets all clumpy. I used some stencils and sprayed the colorshot onto the felt and also some fabric. I think it turned out satisfactory.
fabrics photo fabrics.jpg
the top piece is fabric with two layers of color through stencils. the bottom three pieces are stencils onto felt. In reality i probably could have used good old traditional spray paint i guess. Also, here is a link to the Kurt Rhombus zine i made.
Kurt Rhombus Zine photo rhombuscover.jpg
It is fun
Kurt Rhombus

thank you.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

AAAhh Gripes, to Rad Splits.

New year, new zines. Only took three months to get into it. The new zine Wesley Gripes.
Wesley Gripes photo gripes.jpg
Wesley Gripes is chalk full of junk, with an interview with the collage artist MOLOKID
This is the new zine, Rad Splits.
Rad Splits is also fun too with an interview with the incredible Collin van der Sluijs
Oh and My stink game is on fleek. I have no clue what it means, I just wanted to appeal to the kids. thank you psticks

Thursday, April 30, 2015

April, Jazz appreciation month

Thelonious Crunk photo crunkcover.jpg
Thelonious Crunk is available now, just in time for April.
here is the link.
With the physical copy of the zine there was a Mix cd. Here is the link to the track on the mix cd if you so desire.
thank you.
Grody in space photo grodysmall.jpg

Sunday, March 2, 2014


mazecraze guts photo mazecrazepic.jpg
maze craze a cat lost in a labrynth.

mazecraze from psticks on Vimeo.