Sunday, March 2, 2014


mazecraze guts photo mazecrazepic.jpg
maze craze a cat lost in a labrynth.

mazecraze from psticks on Vimeo.


Tuesday, September 24, 2013

i made a game

noodled photo noodled.jpg
i made a video game. The graphics were not my own. The music and sounds i did create. It is a simple drop game. the movement of zeeton is with the left and right arrow. there is a few glitches. the zeeton animation only faces one way. the objects that fall sometimes will appear very fast from the top of the screen and fall through. it can be discouraging. here is the link to download it.

it is unfortunately only for the windows pc users at this time. thank you
rambogame photo rambo.jpg

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Baby Robo V

Baby Robo V from psticks on Vimeo.

A new weapon to the battle of monsters and unexplained troubles. I made this out of cardstock and card board. I started with the feet and worked my way up. I wanted to build a jumbo machinder. It has three points of articulation. jumbo feet photo feet.jpg The head i made from a mold i created from an old doll head i found at a thrift store. incomplete jumbo photo incomplete.jpg Baby Robo V ended up being a little taller then Gaiking. When i finished i applied a coat of fiberglass resin to keep it rigid. Then i hit it with my airbrush. Thank you. two jumbos photo 2mach.jpg

Friday, March 8, 2013

Warlock of Site

From the cavernous reaches of a crystaline tower, the warlock of site watches to see the mischief his spells endure. I made this new mego figure using a ping pong ball for the eye/head. the body and the boots i purchased from dr. mego. here is his site so if you are so inclined you could purchase your own body. warlock photo site.jpg I also built a box for him too. warlock box photo warlock.jpg Like a real action figure. Thank you

Monday, February 18, 2013


I made this simple theremin from a Forrest Mims III circuit design. it was really easy to make. theremin photo thereminmarch.jpg thank you.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

New things here

psticks art stencil frames gross
Just a few things I finished before a new batch gets underway. I have about six new zines in the works. Of the sixone is fully complete while two of them are close to being finished. At the end of June one shall be released. Here is the cover of the new zine.
psticks NES plush zine
It is a bunch of plush characters i made interacting with backgrounds from various Nintendo games. The combination of two things that i enjoy, making dumb toys and playing Nintendo games. Below are some of the plush characters you will find inside the zine.
psticks plush
1. Efron I made him out of a High School Musical sock I found at the dollar store.
2. A pumpkinhead with skeletal body, made from felt.
3. Random big mouth monster.
4. Secret one eyed ghost made from a semi rigid foam block.
5. Silas was made from two car scrubbers used for cleaning your car, also found at the dollar store.
6. Nimoy was screenprinted on the material. He makes sounds, video coming soon.
Thank you.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Nippon Red

I recently got pulled back into the world of the 1/6th scale. I bought a few Dragon model 1/6th scale bodies, and started creating custom action figures. This is Nippon Red. Bandai toys in Japan have been making these awesome miniature helmets from various Sentai television shows. Mainly all the red helmets. They have also been making Ultraman and Kamen Rider helmets too. I bought the Nippon man helmet from Battle Fever J and used it for the head. I stitched up the uniform and spray painted the boots and gloves.
psticks battle fever j sentai
Now I have my own Sentai hero Nippon Red. Thank you